This patriotic 4th of July pin would make Uncle Sam proud!

Patriotism isn't just for Independence Day anymore! You can wear this 4th of July pin anytime during the year.

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Uncle Sam Pin Supplies:

White Craft Foam


Red and Blue Permanent Markers Permenant Black Marker

Wooden craft spoon

Wiggly Eyes

Cotton balls


Pin back

Hot Glue Gun All-Temp Glue Sticks

Uncle Sam 4th of July Pin Instructions:

1.Cut out a small basic rectangle for the hat (about 2 inches tall and 1 inch wide) from white craft foam.

2. Use a red permanent marker to draw red vertical stripes on the hat.

3. Cut a very small rectangle (about ¼’ X 1 ½”). Color this small rectangle with a blue permanent marker for the brim of the hat. Hot glue it to the bottom of the red and white rectangle.

4. Hot Glue Gun the hat to the handle of a wooden craft spoon (You may have to cut the handle of the spoon shorter so the hat totally covers the spoon). 5. Hot Glue Gun on Google Eyes .

6. Separate cotton so you get enough cotton to glue onto the face for the beard and eye brows. Glue both beard and eye brows in place.

7.Use the Permenant Black Marker to draw a nose.

8. Attach a pin back with hot glue. (Sold at many craft and bead stores).

There you go. Your Uncle Sam pin is ready to wear. Give some as gifts, but make sure to keep one for yourself!

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