Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him and For Her! The Perfect Valentines Present idea is only a click away!

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Keith Haring

Every year there is some poor guy or gal looking for the perfect Valentines Day gift idea on February 13th. Look no further, With these quick and easy homemade Valentine's Day gift ideas, I have you covered!

Remember, you don't have to save these ideas for Valentine's Day. You can do a little something special any day for that special someone!

Homemade Valentine Day Ideas

l) Forget the waxy heart shaped box candies you find at your local grocery store. Find out your valentine's favorite candy. Is it Hershey Kisses? Dove Bars? Kit Kats? Snickers? Simple Chocolate chips? Whatever the favorite might be, get a few of you sweetie's favorite candies and put them in a heart gift bag or use heart wrapping paper to wrap up whatever it is they like. Really personalize your valentine present.

2) Bake a favorite cookie recipe and put them in a gift box. Wrap those delicious baked goods all up with heart wrapping paper and top it with a bow.

3) Men's Valentine's Day gifts can sometimes be challenging. What is it that makes your guy tick? If there a certain meal or restaurant he likes? What about making him a special dinner he will never forget? Not much of a cook? That’s ok, order in and dine together at your own kitchen table with dinner from his favorite restaurant.

4) Does your man likes tools? Get a plain tool belt and decorate it up with hearts. Heck, paint it pink! Then go ahead and load the belt with new tools. Imagine his surprise when he opens that box. If you were looking for something a little more romantic you could also buy his favorite scented lotions and massage oils and place the bottle where to tools would normally go. Hmmm..... Let's see what gets built with this kind of gift ;0)

5) Guys looking for a romantic Valentines Day gift idea?

Why don't you try cooking your girl something special. I have some homecooked meal recipes you can follow. Of course you too can always order out. Make sure your table is set nicely and don't forget the candles!

6) Buy concert tickets to you honey's favorite music venue. When you give them the ticket slide them into the CD cover of the band or musician you are going to see. Wrap it all up. I can almost certainly guarantee that when they see the CD they will automatically open it and there will be the concert tickets!

7) Make a CD of your Valentine's favorite music. Downloading music has gotten to be so easy and very cheap. What a great personalized Valentines Day gift!

8) Try your hand at making handmade soap or lotion. Use your Valentine's favorite scents.

9) Put together a 6 pack or 12 pack of your valentine's favorite micro brew beer. Or build a gift basket using you loved ones favorite wine, coffee or tea.

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10) Make a scrapbook with pictures of the special moments you and your valentine have shared. Jot down a little description about the time and place the picture was taken.

11) Frame a very special picture of you and your sweetie. Write a romantic note to go with it. Then put it in a place you know they will find it, but never suspect to like their lunch box or bag, on the bathroom vanity or on the steering wheel of thier car.

12) Paint a picture. You don't have to be a great artist to get started.

13) Of course there's always the good old Valentines Day gift stand by. You can always send some flowers. You can also save a lot of money by buying your flowers at a local grocery store or floral shop and putting them in a vase yourself.

14) Learn how to bead and make a handmade necklace or bracelet.

15) Put together a "night in" basket. Get some comfy pj's for both of you, a movie that you both would enjoy watching, your favorite beverage, a fleece blanket or two and some yummy snacks for you both to enjoy. Cuddle time at it's best!Build a Valentine's basket

16) Create a fun and very yummy fruit flowers bouquet with these easy step-by-step instructions.

Whatever you choose to make or give as a Valentines Day gift your special someone will love it because it came from you!

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