What Can Aromatherapy Bath Products Do For That Special Someone?

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Aromatherapy and Essentia...

Aromatherapy bath products have been proven to relieve anxiety, stress, tension and pain as well promote natural healing by the body itself.

Think about how you feel when you smell something that really awakens your senses. Homemade chocolate chip cookies, soothing vanilla, a warm summer night when it starts to rain...

Essential oils used in aromatherapy bath products are concentrated oils extracted from various parts of aromatic plants, flowers and trees.

There are a wide variety of essential oils used in aromatherapy for the body. For example, lavender has antiseptic, antibacterial, antibiotic, antidepressant, analgesic, decongestant and sedative properties. Because these oils have such a tiny molecular structure, essential oils applied to the skin can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Because of this fact, caution must be used with essential oils because some may be toxic.

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Essential oils in aromatherapy bath products can also reach the bloodstream as a result of the oils themselves being inhaled. Once in your bloodstream, the aromatic molecules interact with your body's chemistry and therefore causes your body and emotions to react in all different ways. Aside from their medicinal properties, smelling an essential oil can uplift your emotions and spirit. Our sense of smell is connected with the limbic system, an area of the brain which is primarily concerned with emotion and memory. Think back to when you were a kid. Do you have a memory that is shaped around a scent? Whenever I smell bacon cooking I always think of my Grandma and her house in the morning. Obviously bacon grease isn't an essential oil, well maybe in her cooking it was, but you know what I mean.

Because the sense of smell has such a big influence on our emotions, psyches have led many aromatherapists to practice a form of aromatherapy called 'psycho-aromatherapy', using essential oils to enhance and promote positive moods and emotions.

Because aromatherapy is considered a natural healing method, we begin to get into Holistic Healing and that philosophy. Holistic healing has long been concerned with looking at the causes and prevention of illness rather than fixing the symptoms. In Holistic medicine a person's health is looked at as a "whole" body issue and not just the parts of the body. In alternative medicine, it is believed that the spiritual aspect should also be taken into account when assessing a person’s overall well being. The spiritual aspect is not associated with any religious ideology but rather, refers to the essence or "core self" of a person. Using aromatherapy should go hand and hand with a healthy diet, lifestyle and exercise.

An aromatherapy massage or a bath using essential oils or aromatherapy bath products can help to balance one emotionally while also aiding in loosening tight stressed muscles. By enabling a person to relax at a deeper level and let go of their worries, if only for a short time, the body's self-healing ability is activated. Combining the physical and emotional effects of massage with the medicinal and therapeutic properties of essential oils alleviates stress and improves one's mood and physical well being.

Essential oils and aromatherapy bath products can balance the skin's natural oil secretion and help to tone the complexion. Essential oils can be used in hair and scalp products to improve the circulation of the scalp, to prevent dandruff and promote healthy new hair growth. Directly applied essential oils can help to heal many minor skin problems such as athlete's foot, cold sores, psoriasis, dry skin, oily skin and more. Steam or direct inhalation such as aromatherapy products used in the bath or shower can help reduce cold and flu symptoms.

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