This glass etched cake baking pan is more than just a novelty cake pan!

Name Etched Glass Cake Baking Pan Supplies:

A clear glass baking pan whatever size you would like. I used a rectangular 9" X 12" glass cake pan. I like to buy the Pyrex Brand dishes.

Glass Etching Cream can be found at most craft supply stores.

Clear Contact Paper

Large size font for the name you want to etch into the glass

Exacto or craft knife I personally use the Bo-Bunny Retractable Craft Knife because it is retractable and I have a lot of little hands I am always afraid will find my craft knives my accident.

Paint brushes

Sharpie marker


Cotton Balls

Rubbing alcohol

Glass Etched Cake Pan Instructions

1)Tape the paper with the font to the window This will be you free light box. Remember this when you have to trace things in the future! Make sure that it is placed so that the back of the paper is facing you. You're going to trace the letters so that they are backward. Use a Sharpie to trace the letters onto the clear side of the contact paper NOT the paper side.

2)Flip the pan over so the bottom of the pan is facing you. Clean the backside (outside bottom) of the dish using the rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. Once dry, peel and apply the contact paper to the back of the dish. Rub well, making sure that there are no air bubbles. I like to use a Popsicle stick to get all the little air bubbles out and it adheres the contact paper to the glass nicely. Make sure to give the lines where the letters are a little extra rub.

3)Use the Xacto knife to cut and remove the lettering, making your stencil. Be careful to stay on your lines. Whatever areas are exposed glass will be etched.

4)SHAKE THE ETCHING CREAM WELL! Using the paint brush generously apple the etching cream to the glass. Make sure the stenciled letters are COMPLETELY covered with etching cream!

5)Leave the etching cream on the stencil for 20 - 30 minutes. I usually leave it on for 30 minutes just to be sure it really got in there.

6)Now rinse the etching cream from the dish using lots of warm water. Remove the contact paper stencil, then wash and dry the dish.

Tip Fill the cake baking pan with the ingredients to your favorite cake along with the recipe. Add a bow and you have a fantastic gift!!

I also LOVE the The Cake Mix Doctor I use this book all the time to "doctor up" many of the boxed cake mixes I make.

The Cake Mix Doctor

Cupcakes: From the Cake Mix Doctor

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