This Candy Cane Ornament Looks Good Enough To Eat! You'll Be Surprised At What It Is Made Of!

This is a very cool ornament submitted by Dana Hetzer

Candy Cane Ornament Supplies

Candy Cane Straws - Not the bendable plastic, but the thicker plastic candy cane looking straws.

20 oz Soda Cap

Hot Glue gun and glue sticks

Holiday floral items - berries, greens, etc

Present pick

Candy Cane Ornament Instructions

I went to the dollar store and bought candy cane straws - not the bendable plastic ones but the thicker plastic straws. I took a 20 oz cap from a soda bottle and hot glued 30 staws, 15 towards bottom of cap and 15 towards top. Let it dry and then took a present pick, I choose berries, cut if off the pick and hot glued it on top of the straws. Then I glued a ribbon and you have a home made ornament. :)

submitted by: Dana Hetzer

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