Looking for an Easter gift for someone special? Take a look at these little chocolate Easter bunnies!

A tisket a tasket.... What's in your Easter basket? These little chocolate Easter bunnies are just the cutest craft to put into anyone's basket!

Easter bunnies supplies:

8.5 X 11 Piece of Card stock

8.5 X11 piece of computer paper

3 small pom poms

3 Hershey's Assorted Nuggets

shredded paper

14 inch piece of ribbon

Any desired stamping supplies or stickers




Double Sided Tape

Easter bunnies Instructions:

1)Trace 1 box pattern. Cut and score folds in areas shown on pattern below. Decorate your box with stamping supplies or anything else you like. Go crazy and get creative!

2) Fold box and stick sides with double stick tape.

3) Cut 3 - 1 inch by 3 inch pieces of paper to wrap around the Nugget candy bars. You can decorate paper pieces with stamping supplies or anything else you like. Use a small piece of double stick tape to attach end to candy bar.

4) Trace and cut 3 of the bunny head patterns. Add the bunny faces to each one. Use my example or come up with your own kind of bunny face.

5) Use double stick tape to tape the head to the front of the candy bar.

6) Use double stick tape to add the tail to the back or the candy bar.

7) Fill your little box with shredded paper.

8) Lay your bunnies in their bed.

9) Tie the piece of ribbon around the box and the bunnies.

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