Homemade citronella candles are great gifts for the outdoorsy person.

Citronella Candles Supples Needed:

Wax - Any form of all-purpose wax will do. This can be found in the canning section of the grocery store or in a craft or hardware store.Many craft stores also carry colored unscented waxes as well. Make sure you buy the UNSCENTED wax!

Citronella Oil - Citronella oil is the mosquito fighter.You can also find this where ever candle making supplies are sold.

Large Quart SIZE Glass Jar - This is the container which you will be pouring the hot wax into. The container is your choice, if you want to get fancy you can but a recycled can or glass will also do.

Container for Melting Wax - Nothing specific, a saucepan filled with water or a coffee tin will do.

Wick - Your candle will not work without a wick. You can purchase wicks at any craft store or you can choose to do it yourself by dipping a string or cord into hot wax.I'm a little lazy when it comes to the wick. I have never dipped mine. I have just bought them with my other candle making supplies.

Thermometer - Any form of thermometer will do.

Wooden Spoon - This will be used for stirring the wax.

Scissors for cutting the wick.

Mosquito Beater Candle Making Instructions

1) Heat the Wax - Heat your container to approximately 140 degrees and place unmelted wax into it.

2) Add Citronella - As the wax is melting add 1-2 drops ( You may like the scent a little stronger. Add as many as you like to get the scent strength you want.)of citronella.

Stir - Stir the melting wax softly with your wooden spoon.

Pour - Pour the wax into the glass jars and remember not to fill it to the top. Leave about one inch at the top of thejar.

Wicks - Place the wicks into the melting wax. Hold wick in place either using your hand or tie it to a pencil in order to ensure the wick stays upright and does not fall over.

Set to dry.

That's all there is to it! No more mosquitos!!

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