Cookie Cutter Pumpkin Carving? Why didn't I think of that?

Check out this cookie cutter pumpkin carving tutorial! I was surfing the net and came across this great idea from Fresh Home Ideas. Photos are courtesy of Taste of Home.

Cookie cutter pumpkin carving! That a great idea to use with kids. Perfectly carved jack o lantern shapes while keeping all of your finger! Pumpkin carving is a big deal in our house at Halloween. I now have a new way to do it. You can use whatever size cookie cutters you need for different sized pumpkins. I know have lots of metal cookie cutters around the house. Make sure you use the metal cutters as the plastic ones won't be sharp enough to get through the pumpkin without breaking.

Before you begin, carefully cut a circle around the pumpkin stem, lift off the lid and remove the seeds from the lid and inside the pumpkin. That's the fun part! My kids love to get the "slimy" stuff out.

Step 1: Tap Cookie Cutter

Place a cookie cutter on the pumpkin and tap firmly with a rubber mallet until at least half of the cutter has pierced the pumpkin's shell. (If the pumpkin shell is thin, the cutter may be pounded all the way through the shell.)

Step 2: Remove Cookie Cutter

Remove the cookie cutter, using a needle-nose pliers if needed.

Step 3: Carve Pumpkin

With a small serrated knife (or the serrated saw from a pumpkin carving kit which is safer for the little ones), follow the pattern made from the cookie cutter to cut out the image, making sure to cut all the way through the shell. *Remember, these "positive shapes" can be used to add onto the pumpkin with tooth picks of shish kabob skewers.

Step 4: Remove Shapes

With one hand inside the pumpkin, push out cookie cutter image from the pumpkin and discard.

You can really create some very cool jack o lantern faces as well as unique table decorations for the fall holidays. Autumn is such a wonderful season to get your creativity on.

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