cookie jars

This one is always fun with the kids i know mine love to make them especially around christmas time.

You Will Need:
Medium sized glass jars (large enough for the cookies and other items to fit in.

Cookies or any other sweet you want to put in.

Paint for decorating the jars so they look nice.(peranamel work very well)

Recipe Cards to put the recipes of the sweets on

Colored Ribbon to attach the recipe cards to.

How To Make It:
First you make what ever sweets your going to put in the jar (I usually put sugar cookies and gingerbread in but any sweet will do)

Next have the kids paint the jars however they want (remember to leave asome glass showing so the people whom you give these treats to will be able to see inside)

While the paint is drying write the recipes of your sweets in the jar dowen on the recipe cards since your giving sweets why not give the recipe too

Once the paint is dry put in as many of the sweets in the jar as you want (we always put a minimun of 5 cookies per jar)
Finally attach the cards with the ribbon and go give your sweet jars. I promise they will be a big hit! Maerry Christmas and Happy New Year

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