Corporate Christmas Gifts Are Easier To Come Up With Than You Think!

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So you're looking for a corporate Christmas gifts eh? And I suppose taking your employees on the corporate jet out for a spin to say maybe Europe is out of the question? Well, that is an idea now isn't it? With economic times the way they are, ideas like that are't realistic! Even businesses need to tighten their belts around the holiday. Bonuses, more days off and longer vacations look like they are a thing of the past. At least for now they do. Here are a few ideas that will help you show your employees that you appreciate all of their hard work.

These are a few corporate Christmas gifts that may be a little more cost effective.

Professional Memberships Professional growth for your employees is an important part of building your business and firing up those who work for you. Who doesn't like an employee who is excited with new ideas to use at their place of employment? Find a professional organization that fits well with your business and spring for a year's membership to that organization. Doing this will help your employees stay in touch with what is new in your area of business along with insightful workshops and conferences. It also helps your employees to make valuable contacts with others who share their expertise in their field.

Magazine Subscriptions Buy a magazine subscription for your employees that are relevant to your business. If the magazine offers a gift postcard, take that postcard and put it in a basket with some packets of flavored coffee and a mug. Add a little note that says something like, "A Special Gift to Get You Ready for Work in the Morning."

Work Wear Get your employees shirts or sweatshirts with the company logo on them. Maybe even add their name and you have an instant personalized Christmas gift. Tie a ribbon and add a note that says something like, "This is for those days when you just don't know what to wear." This might be a corporate Christmas gift that even gets worn on the weekends! What a great way to advertise your business as well.

Business cards and holders Design business cards for your employees either professional cards or gag cards for fun. There are also a lot of creative cardholders out there. This is a great card couch lesson I found. This is a great idea for those office people that do a lot of sales calls or visits.

Homemade Cookies and Candy are always a cost effective, OK, cheap corporate gift idea. Make a batch or 10 of your favorite caookies and candies. Put them in a ecorative tin or box and there you go. A business gift many employees won't wait to get home to open. If the gift even makes it all the way home!

Make Breakfast or Lunch Make or cater in a breakfast or luncheon for your employees. Happy and productive employees are well fed employees!

Basket of Spirits If your company allows, you may want to give your valued employees a homemade gift basket of wine or beers from other countries. Fine wines and gormet goodies are somethings that most people will not buy for themselves. Add a personalized wine glass or mug and you have a fantastic corporate Christmas gift.

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