Crayon batik looks a lot like regular batik, but without all the mess!

Crayon Batik supplies:



sharpe marker or other permenant marker


black temper paint

Polycrylic sealant (I use the gloss finish. Polycrylic can be found at places such as WalMart, Home Depot, or any hardware store)

Batik Instruction:

1) Draw the image you would like onto your paper with pencil. For my batiks I simply traced real leaves and drew in the leaf veins.

2)Color image with crayon using a lot of pressure making sure that the color is very bright and there is no white paper showing through.

3)Once paper is colored, crumple paper 2 or 3 times. Be careful not to tear the paper in the process.

4)Paint over all crayon and whole sheet of paper with black tempera paint.

5)Rinse paper with cold water in the sink with your faucet. Let dry.

6)Seal batik with Polycrylic sealant and let dry.

7)Finish by matting and framing your piece of artwork.

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