Creative Anniversary Gifts Can Be Easier To Make Than You Think!

Creative anniversary gifts are really easy to make. By now, I am sure you know what your loved one likes and dislikes. Or at least you should have an idea.

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Over the years couples sometimes tend to get a little lazy. Not nessesarily because they mean to, life just gets in the way. Kids, careers, hobbies etc.

My husband and I just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary and the question that came up was," Did you get me anything?"

No, I wasn't the one asking it either. We ended up giving each other very nice anniversary cards. Yes, I made mine myself. We also decided to try a new restaurant just around the corner from our house. My Dad babysat our 3 kids for us so we were on the clock, but we were able to spend some uninterrupted childless time together none the less. It was WONDERFUL! We talked adult talk and I didn't even have to cut up my husband's meat for him before he ate.

My husband has been puttering around the house doing all kinds of projects around the house. So what I did was I bought him a tool belt and I stenciled his name on it. There's a joke behind the name on the tool belt. Anyway, he thought it was very funny and now he has his own tool belt for all of his projects. It wasn't an expensive gift but still a creative anniversary gift and very appreciated. USA, LLC

So what do I get for this number anniversary?

I am a traditionalist when it comes to anniversaries. Here's an anniversary list with traditional gifts that match how many years you have been together. Remember, even if you have been dating, an anniversary gift is still important to give on your special day.

Traditional Anniversary Chart

1st Paper 2nd Cotton

3rd Leather

4th Linen (silk)

5th Wood

6th Iron

7th Wool

8th Bronze

9th Pottery

10th Tin (Aluminum)

11th Steel

12th Silk Pearls

13th Lace

14th Ivory

15th Crystal

20th China

25th Silver Sterling Silver

30th Pearl

35th Coral

40th Ruby

45th Sapphire

50th Gold

55th Emerald

60th Diamond

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Live, Laugh, Love
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Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas:

Creative Anniversary gifts do not nessesarily have to be objects you give. This idea takes a little prepping before hand. But well worth it!

Make dinner or go and get your favorite take out. You will need to hide it so you may need to refrigerate your food for a little bit and pop it in the oven to warm everything before you eat. Get some flowers and candles ready but have them hidden. Throw a bottle of wine in the freezer before you leave. Here's what you do....

Tell your husband or wife, girl friend or boyfriend that you are going out for a night on the town. Get dressed up... the whole bit.

Blind fold your significant other and drive them around town for a little while. Really confuse them. Then drive back home.

Lead them to the door and make sure they don't peak. Tell them you will be right back. Go in and quick light candles and place some flowers on the table. Start the oven and pop in dinner.

Go back and grab you husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Bring them in and sit them down. Take off the blindfold and watch the expression on their face.

They will be so impressed with all the effort you put into the special night, who knows what might happen for dessert?

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1st anniversary : Paper Make a scrap book with pictures and special things that have happened either during your first year of dating or your first year of marrige.

5th anniversary : Wood Get a piece of naked wood furnature and paint something on it. Make jerlery using wooden beads or a pendant.

10th anniversary : Aluminum ot tin Make a
kitchen utensils holder by recyling a tin coffee can.

15th anniversary : Crystal Buy some crystal or glass that looks like crystal wine glasses. Paint some flowers on them or grape vines. Whatever you like. Buy a bottle of your favorite wine and put them together.

20th anniversary : China Purchase a white serving platter. Use permaenamel and paint or write about favorite memories that have happened over the past 2o years. Or just paint subject matter That your significant other likes or collects.

25th anniversary : Sliver Get some nice silverware and wire wrap beads around the handles to add an extra special decorative touch. Make sure the wire you use to wrap the handles is also silver!

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