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Christmas Ornaments on Tree
Pam Ostrow

Every year I try to make customized Christmas ornaments for my kids having to do with something that was a milestone for the year. Events such as losing a first tooth, riding a bike without training wheels, learning to talk are all big steps! When I make my children their Christmas ornaments I use many different materials. I have made them out of paper mache, polymer clay, and salt dough among other materials. Each year I try to do something a little different.

Quite a few years ago my sister in law and her family lived in Germany. One year she sent everyone in the family a glass pickle to put on our Christmas trees. When it arrived in the mail, I opened it and thought, "What in the world"? She explained to me that if we put it on our tree it would give us good luck for the rest of the year. Well, who am I to argue with good luck? So every year we put it on. We also have a contest to see who can find it on the tree. My mother in law picks someone to hide the pickle ornament in the tree each year. The person who finds it gets an extra little gift. It's an event that the kids in the family have come to look forward to every single year! Here are some more examples of what certain Christmas ornaments mean.

Chrstmas Ornaments and their Symbolism

Fruit and vegetable shapes symbolize the harvest.

Birds represent the biblical messengers that bring God's love and peace to the world. Birds were also symbolic of good luck and good fortune.

Pickle shapes signify luck.

Fish shape is an early Christian symbol for Christ.

Reflectors ornaments (ornaments with geometric concave indentations) during Victorian times, were often called witches eyes and were placed on the Christmas tree to fend off any evil spirits.

Star shapes represent the Star of Bethlehem

Ornament Ideas

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Crocheted Christmas Ornament Patterns

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