Looking for a desk organizer gift that any Dad will love?

This very cute caterpiller desk organizer is a great homemade Father's day gift for any dad who needs a little help cleaning up his desk. With a little help from an adults kids will be so proud to give away this present. Don't be surprised if they decide to make another one for themselves. This is also a neat way to organize markers and crayons too! Caterpillar Deck Organizer


4 toilet paper tubes or 2 paper towel tubes cut in half

Acrylic craft paint (I used yellow, blue and green.)

Dimensional craft paint

1 medium size Styrofoam ball

2 google eyes

Crayola model magic clay

1 pipe cleaner cut in half

Piece of cardboard the length of your tubes glued together

Hot glue gun and glue sticks



Caterpillar desk organizer instructions:

1) Paint outside and inside of tubes with acrylic craft paint. Wait for paint to dry.

2) Paint the medium sized Styrofoam ball. Let dry and set aside. This will be used as the caterpillar’s head.

3) Glue tubes together with hot glue. Be careful not to get hot glue on your fingers! Glue the tubes in a staggered pattern.

4) Set glued tubes on top of the piece of cardboard and trace around the tubes.

5) Cut on traced lines.

6) Glue the bottom of the tubes to the cut out piece of cardboard.

7) Use dimensional craft paint to add designs, lines, and shapes to decorate the tubes if you like.

8) Make 6 small balls and flatten one side by leaning them against the side of the tubes and the flat surface you are working on. These will be used for the caterpillar’s feet. Let dry according to package directions.

9) Once they are dry, paint them with acrylic craft paint. Let the paint dry and glue the feet (3 on each side) to the caterpillar.

10) Hot glue the Styrofoam ball toward the top of an end tube. (I glue mine to the side a little so it will be looking to the side instead of straight ahead.)

11) Hot glue google eyes onto the head.

12) Cut pipe cleaner in half for 2 antenna. Poke onto the Styrofoam ball. Pull pipe cleaner out of the hole and add a little hot glue into the hole. Reinsert pipecleaner.

13) Use dimensional paint to create a face (nose and mouth) for your caterpillar.

Wah La! You have created a great desk organizer that any dad will love to display at home or at work. an easy and cute homemade gift that is also kid friendly to make.

Tip: If you want your caterpillar to be longer simply add more tubes and feet.

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