Tell someone they are really great with this DINO-MITE cookies basket!

Gourmet cookie baskets and bouquets can be so expensive. I have an easy dino-mite cookies basket that will show that special someone you really appreciate them! Put sticks into the cookies and turn the gift basket into a bouquet.

Supplies needed for the dino-mite cookies basket:

Cut out cookie dough - follow my cream cheese cookie dough recipe from my food gifts page.

Heart cookie cutter

Plastic zip lock Baggies

Royal icing - follow the recipe for royal icing from my food gifts page.

Gel food coloring (I used green, red, and orange)

Mini chocolate chips

Sucker or Popsicle sticks if making a bouquet

Basket big enough to hold cookies

Tissue paper Instructions for dino-mite cookies basket:

Roll cookie dough about a 1/4 of an inch thick. You may need it a little thicker if adding a stick to your cookies.

Tip: I roll my dough between wax paper and lightly dust it with powdered sugar to prevent the dough sticking to my roller or work surface.

Use a medium or large heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out the desired amount of cookie you would like. Try to cut cookies as close together as possible. Rerolling dough can make cookies tough.

Tip: I always cut extra in case I make any mistakes. My rule is that I get to eat my mistakes. My husband and kids are also good at quality control testing!

I bet you never knew you could turn a heart into a dino cookie did you?

Cut out heart shapes. Place the cut out cookies on a cookie sheet and bake according to cream cheese cut out cookie recipe.

Let cool


I use royal icing to outline and flood cookies. I use a plastic Ziplock bag with the corner cut off to do my outlining. You could also use a pastry bag and a #2 decorating tip if you wish. I'm just lazy when it cones to clean up and throw the baggie away when I am finished.

Take about a cup and a half of you royal icing and color it green.

Tip: I use gel food coloring because it doesn't affect the thickness of the frosting and it has bold color.

1) Outline cookie as shown below.

Start by outlining the dino's head. Make sure to outline around the mouth.

2) After the outline is dry you can add a scant of water to the royal icing to slightly thin it out for flooding inside the outline of the cookie. I spoon a small amount of frosting onto the cookie and spread it around with a spoon.

Wait for green icing to totally dry before adding the face and orange spikes.

3) Once green is dry use another plastic baggie filled with white royal icing to add eyes. I then placed a mini chocolate chip in the center of each white circle.

4) Mix up a small amount of red royal icing depending on the number of cookies you need to frost. I would say a 1/4-cup for dozen or so cookies.

Fill in mouth with red icing and let dry.

5) Add teeth with white frosting going in a zigzag ling at top and bottom of mouth.

6) Mix up about a cup and a half of orange royal icing for the spikes. Make sure you cookies are placed on wax paper. Draw and fill in triangles on the side of the dino for spikes.

Place tissue paper in you basket and carefully place the dino-mite cookies into the basket. There you go! A great homemade gift to tell someone you think they are Dino-mite!

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