Easy clay cupcake pedestal

by Hannah

It's perfect for a holiday gift with cookies or treats on top or for a birthday for a single cupcake. I make these for tea parties.

All you need is a small clay flower pot, a larger clay plate, decorative paper, paint, modge podge, hot glue, gorilla glue(or any clay glue), lace or ribbon for decoration, and a doily to place the food item on. You can play with sizes and even make a tiered cupcake stand.

First paint the pot and the plate, top and bottom. Then turn plate right side up and cut a decorative paper like scrapbook or wrapping paper to fit the size of the circular area inside. Use modge podge to adhere the paper to the inside. Then continue covering the entire painted pot (both pieces) and paper with modge podge. When dry, carefully use gorilla glue to adhere the clay pot upside down to the underside of the clay plate creating your pedestal form. Follow directions on glue bottle and allow time for drying. Finally hot glue lace or ribbon around the rim and anywhere necessary to hide where gorilla glue may have seeped through. Place on a doily and make a sweet treat to top it off.

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