Homemade gifts can be good to eat too! Try some of these easy home cooking ideas for meals your family and friends will love!

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Many times people don't think about easy home cooking to give as a gift. Home cooked gifts are good for the heart and soul! Here you will find many easy home cooking ideas to give as gifts to friends and family for any celebration or occasion. Do you know someone who is expecting or just had a baby? How about taking them dinner? The new mom or parents to be will be more grateful than you will ever know! With our second child we had 3 or 4 people who made us home cooked meals and brought them over. Of course it gave them an excuse to peak at the new baby, but we were so happy to not have to go for fast food or make sandwiches that first week or so home from the hospital. In fact, my husband made the comment, "We should have a baby more often!" Being home for only a day or two with a newborn.... that wasn't something I wanted to think about right away.

Quick healthy meals are not always easy to come by these days when families are so busy. With work, school and other activities, families have a hard time getting around the dinner table all together these days. Here's a great idea, when making a meal for yourself make double or triple the amount you would usually make. This way you have one mess to clean up and the extra meals can be packaged and put in the freezer for future gift giving.

Yes, I know lasagna is an easy thing to make a lot of.... BUT try to make something a different. Usually lasagna is the first meal people think about making when taking someone a meal. I had a friend who was hurt and had to be off of her feet for a few weeks. There were some very generous folks who bought her meals. She appreciated it very much but guess what she got from everyone?? You guessed it, she was eating lasagna for months! Try to cook something unique and yummy at the same time. Homemade Mac and cheese, chicken soup, enchiladas, your favorite casserole are just a few ideas off the top of my head. When making easy home cooking meal gifts for someone don't forget all the little extras! Salad, bread or rolls, a desert? It's really the little things that mean a lot!

My friend Tim has a great site about about cross cultural cuisine Take a look and see what you think!

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