This fabric memo board isn't quite a Versace handbag, but just as functional none the less!

Designer handbags and purses are all the rage these days. This fabric memo board is a great gift to someone who likes to display pictures or need somewhere to post those little reminder notes to themselves.I made this memo board for my niece as a graduation gift. She always has picture of her friends all over the place. I thought this would be a great way to help her display these pictures as well as use it as wall art.

Hand Bag Fabric Memo Board Supplies:

1 piece of foam core 20” X 30”

yard stick

utility knife


3 pieces of fabric 1 piece 24” X 24” 1 piece 22” X 12” 1 piece 20” x 20”

1 large button

1/ 4” wide ribbon ( I bought 2 rolls from my neighborhood craft store. )

thumb tacks

hot glue gun

hot glue sticks

Hand Bag Fabric memo board Instructions:

1) Cut the foam core so that you have 2 pieces. One measures 20” X 20” ( Main memory board piece) The other measures 10” X 20” ( Top of handbag - flap)

2) Curve off the the end of the 20” X 10” piece of foam core for the purse flap with a pencil. Cut on the pencil line with a utility knife.

3) Lay foam core “flap” on a piece of fabric that measures 22” X 12”. Fabric should be wrong side up.

4) Cut slits in fabric around the curve of the “flap” up to the foam core.

5)Fold fabric around the foamcore and hot glue in place.

6) Cut the fabric for the main memory board piece of the purse. Cut the fabric 24” X 24”. Place foamcore on fabric wrong side of fabric up.

7)Fold edges of fabric around the foamcore square. Fold one side and hot glue into place first.

8) Go to opposite side of square. Pull fabric tight and hot glue in place. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the other two sides.

9) Turn board over to the back. With a yard stick and pencil, measure 4” all the way around the square and mark with the pencil.

10) Cut the first piece of ribbon to 32” long. This is the first piece of ribbon that will be put diagonally from corner to corner.

11) Glue your next ribbon at the pencil mark in the back. Turn over square and stretch the ribbon across the front of the board always at a diagonal. Glue on the back at the opposite pencil line.

TIP I put a tiny bit of hot glue on the from edge of the board when I am stretching the ribbon across the front and then again on the opposite side on the front before I glue it to the back of the board on the pencil line.

12) When you have finished the ribbon going one way at a diagonal, start over with a piece of ribbon cut to 32” long and stretch going the opposite way at a diagonal.

13) Repeat diagonals until all ribbon lines are finished.

14.) Press thumb tack into the ribbon and foam core where the ribbon intersects.

15) Cut a piece of the ribbon the length you would like to act as the purse strap. This will be the hanger for the memory board.

16) Glue the hand bag flap at the top of the memory board.

Ta Da!!!! Homemade handbag memory holder!

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