Fall Thanksgiving Gifts show someone special you are thankful for them!

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T. C. Chiu

Fall Thanksgiving Gifts? Who can think about Thanksgiving gift ideas when Christmas is right around the corner?

Let me tell you, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the whole year. Getting together with friends and family to share a boutiful menu of delicious food, watching football, and most importantly sharing some special time together is what Thanksgiving is all about! In reality we should show our thankfulness for eachother everyday. I know life gets busy and sometimes you just don't get a chance to tell people how much you appreciate them. But I try to send a text out of the blue that says,"You are awesome!", "I love you just because!", "I am so lucky to have you in my life!" I know sometimes it's hard or you may feel a little emberaased to say thinks like that, but we should all speak from the heart and let people know exactly how we feel about them all year long.

Most people are begining to think about Christmas and Christmas gifts before we even get through Thanksgiving. This is why I think this page deserves a good look. Think about how you can make someone feel special and let them know you are very thankful you have them in your life with a homemade gift.

I am truely thankful for you and all of my readers. So pull up a chair, maybe grab a pen and some paper. Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking about what homemade Thanksgiving gifts you can make.

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