Father's Day gifts and ideas for all the special Dads out there.

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Baby's Hand Grasping Father's Finger
Andrew Holden

Father's Day gifts are so hard to buy aren't they? If your Dad is like mine, he seems to have everything. This includes a creative and fabulous daughter. Dad doesn't need another necktie, stuffy dress shirt or pair of socks.

My Dad is such a great guy. Before the third Sunday in June rolls around I start to get nervous thinking about what to get him.

Everyone knows that the best gifts are homemade because they come from the heart and are always more appreciated than a store bought present. It's the perfect way to say I love you! I have come up with gift ideas for Dad's Day that are easy and fun to make. Think about what your Dad is into. Does he work in an office? Does he like watching sports or other tv shows? Think about the things that make him happy.

Make sure you don't forget gifts for the other Dads in your life such as grandpa, your stepfather and your husband.

It's a good thing I reminded you about them isn't it?

Homemade Father's Day Present Instructions:

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