This American flag craft is great addition to rustic Americana decor or a fun 4th of July decoration!

This flag craft can be a fun craft for kids to make as well as adults. Whether the gift is for someone who has American flag decor in their home or you are looking to give a great homemade summer gift for the Fourth of July, this hanging flag door decoration is just the gift for you!

American flag door decoration supplies needed:

For the wooden pieces I needed for this project I went to my local craft store and went to the area where hey have unfinished wooden pieces. I thin wood pieces and precut stars.

Wooden rectangle - for the main flag piece

Precut wooden stars - For the flag stars I bought a package of precut finished stars. All they needed was to be painted.

Curved wooden strips - For the flag stripes I also bought a package of precut and finished curved wood pieces that just needed to be painted. You could also use paint stir sticks of you would like your stripes longer.

Red, white and blue spray paint


Small drill bit


Needle nose pliers

pencil or a paintbrush handle

Weldbond glue
American flag craft door decoration instructions:

This flag craft is very simple to make. It just takes a little time.

1)Take your wooden pieces out of the package and get ready to paint them.

2)Lay out unfinished wood pieces on a piece of newspaper in a well-ventilated are. I suggest spray painting outdoors if possible.

3) Spray paint each of the pieces the correct colors. Large rectangle - blue stars and 2 stripes - white rest of the stripes - red

4) Let all pieces dry

5)Drill holes in one side of the flag stripes. Make the hole in the center of the end of the stripe.

6)Drill 5 holes in the shorter end of the rectangle.

7) Drill to holes for the hanger at the other end of the blue piece.

6)Glue stars with Weldbond to the blue main flag piece in a circle and let dry.

7)Cut 5 pieces of wire about 2 1/2 long for attaching the flag stripes to the main blue piece of the flag.

8)Use the needle nose piers to curl one end of the wire. Thread the wire through the hole of the flag stripe then put the straight end of the wire through the back of the blue flag piece so it comes to the front. Curl the wire so the stripe is attached to the blue piece but is hanging.

9)Repeat this step for the rest of the stripes.

10)Cut a piece of wire about 12 inches long.

11)Curl wire with a paintbrush handle or a pencil for the flag door hanger decoration.

12)Put wire through the backside of the blue flag piece to the front and curl end with the needle nose pliers. Do this on both sides of the blue flag piece.

There you go! It's ready to hang and display!

IDEAIt you want more of a rustic looking flag use a little sand paper to sand off some of the paint on the edgesor the flag pieces.

Flag gift wraping ideas.

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