Learn how to make a no sew fleece tie blanket!

A no sew fleece tie blanket is a super simple gift idea for all people and for any reason. There are so many different kinds of patterned fleece out there in fabric and craft stores you are sure to find a fleece that is just right for everyone. You can really personalize your blanket for that special someone. For example, my neice is an ice skater. So I found this great fleece that had ice skates on it. Then for the other piece of fleece I used a solid color that coordinated well with my ice skates piece. It's her favorite blanket and she takes it to the rink everytime she has practice. All of her friends wanted on just like it. It was one of the best Christmas presents I gave that year because I know she loved it, and it wasn't very expensive to make.

Fleece Tie Blanket Supplies Needed:

2 yards of different colored fleece ( You can make the blanket larger by using a larger piece of fleece.)


Ruler or Yard Stick

Knotted Fleece Blanket Making Instructions:

1)Lay out both pieces of fleece with wrong sides together.

2)Keeping the fleece pieces together cut a 7" square out of each corner.

3)To make the fringe cut 1" wide by 7" long strips all along the 4 sides of the fleece keeping both pieces together.

4) Take the strip from the top piece of fleece and the bottom strip from the bottom piece of fleece and knot them togther. I use a double knot to tie the pieces tight.

5) Continue to tie all strips all the way around the blanket.

There you have it! A very easy gift to make in no time at all.

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