This button flower broach is fun to make but even more fun to wear!

Supplies: To make a button flower broach, you'll need:

5-6 smallish matching buttons.

1 larger button for the center.

1 small button for the center of the big button if you desire.

An epoxy adhesive

TIP The key to making these is the glue! Hot glue, Super Glue and E6000 does not work! Make sure the glue you use is meant for beads, glass, & plastics.

Flower pin jewlery instructions:

1) Make a ring out of your matching smaller buttons. Make sure the flattest side is facing up, this makes a better surface for adhering. Place a small dab of glue on each button.

2) Place the center button on top - flat side against flat side.

3) To add the smallest middle button, put a small dab of glue in the center, then place the small center button. Let glue dry and cure for 24 hours.( yes, you have to wait 24 hours. I know this is where I am not good. I am not patient enough. But it WILL fall apart if you don't wait!)

4)Glue the pin-back onto the back of the button flower.

5) To make the pin look finished, glue the felt circle on top of the pin-back. Once your glue is dry, your button flower is ready to wear. That's it!

Other Ideas

* You could also use these button creations without the pin and sew them onto purses, pockets, the bottom of jeans.... anywhere you want a really cute embellishment.

* Glue them around a picture frame.

Here's a neat book with more button projects!

Button! Button!: 50 Cute & Crafty Projects

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