Looking for a neat homemade way to hide those Easter basket gifts and candy? Try making this gallon milk jug bunny basket!

Milk Jug Bunny Basket needed supplies:

1 plastic gallon milk jug


Black permanent marker

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

White piece of felt 8" X 10"

Pink piece of felt 4" X 4"

Choice felt colors of felt for the iris of the eyes

Choice felt color for the bunny ears

Liquid fabric starch

Milk Jug Bunny Basket Instructions:

1) Wash and dry milk jug well.

2) Cut off top of plastic milk jug spout. Don't cut the handle off. It works well to caryy the basket around.

3) Pick a color you would like to make your bunny ears. Draw 2 ears the length of the felt.

4) Now you need to decide if you want your bunny to be, a lop eared rabbit or a straight eared rabbit. If you want a lop eared bunny like the ones my kids chose to make move on to number 6. If you want a straight eared bunny read on....

5) After you have cut out the ears, soak them in fabric starch and lay them flat to dry.

6) Hot glue the ears to the top of the milk jug. For the lop eared bunny I glued them a little to the side so the ears didn't cover the eyes.

7) Trace 2 circles using the pattern provided for your rabbit's eyes from the white felt.

8) Draw and cut 2 slightly smaller circles than the white for the iris of the eyes. These can be cut from whatever felt color you like.

9) Glue the iris color of the eyes to the white circles. Make them crossed and silly if you like! Add the pupil of the eye with the black permanent marker.

10) Cut a medium sized triangle from the pink felt for the nose. Hot glue the nose onto the bunny face.

11) Draw a straight line from the bottom of the nose and curve each corner.

12) Cut a rectangle from the white felt for the bunny's buckteeth. 13) Use the black permanent marker to draw a line to separate buckteeth.

14) You can choose to curve off the top part of the teeth like we did on the pink bunny so it looks like he has a lip. Or you can cut 2 circles and actually make a lip like we did on the purple bunny.

15) If you choose to cut out circles, hot glue the teeth to the gallon milk jug first, then glue the circles on top of the teeth. If you chose to trim and curve off the teeth, just hot glue them to the milk jug.

16) Feel free to add any other decorative touches to your bunny basket your would like. Use colored permanent markers, scraps of fabric or felt. Whatever you like.
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