A gardeners basket will make your gardeners special day blossom!

Making up a gardeners basket full of gardener gifts can be given for all different kind of occations. Mother's Day, Father's Day, house warming, wedding, birthday gift, teacher appreciation gifts,etc.

Think about the person you are making the gardening basket up for. Are they into certain kinds of flowers? Are they limited on planting space and need to go with containers instead of the regular garden?

Theme baskets are always a great way to go. Fill a watering can with items for after the person has been doing their gardening. Different types of hand soap, lotions, gloves etc.

What about filling a Garden Bucket CaddyOutdoor Power & Lawn Equipment with different gardening items like a knealing pad, Gardening Hand Tool SetGardening Tools , maybe potting soil) .

The options are endless if you think about it. So many options... so little time to plant!

Other items you will need:

gardening seeds or bulbs

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Fruits & Vegetables

Not sure what that special someone might like to plant? How about a Gardening Gift Certificate

There are also lots of gardening books or gardening magazine subscription

Gardening gloves

Gardening caddy or supply container

Gardeners shoes or boots

Garden tools

Watering can

As well as anything else you think that special person needs or uses for gardening.

Basket Instruction

Place all the items you choose to put into a gift basket and place them into the gardeners caddy, large bucket or basket. Sometimes it's just fun to put everything into a container that they will later use while they are gardening. Arrange all the items so they look nice. Add a large bow and a gift card.

There you go! Instant gift. Now that was easy wasn't it? It's personalized and you put your heart into it. Great job!

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