Short on time? Need an easy gift? Try these gift in a jar recipes!

With so many different kinds of food gifts and gift in a jar recipes to give how will you choose which one to use?

"You can say this for ready-mixes - the next generation isn't going to have any trouble making pies exactly like mother used to make." ~Earl Wilson

Try making these fun gifts in a jar recipes for your family and friends this year. These are easy to do, inexpensive, and very thoughtful home-made gifts.

These jar recipes are so simple that anyone can cook or bake them up in no time. Not only do I enjoy making these gifts in a jar to give as gifts; I also like to receive them as well.

Here's a scenario for you.... It's 5:30 p.m.; you are going through your child's backpack to find notes from school for the day. You find a hand written note from the teacher that says, "We are having a bake sale tomorrow to raise money for our class to go on a field trip in a couple of weeks. Please send a dozen cookies, bars or other baked item to school with your child."

Ahhhh! What do you do? Yes, you could make that trek to the grocery store and buy something for your child to take. But that can get pretty expensive. You could start from scratch and bake something so you are up until midnight. I prefer to grab a gift in a jar cookie mix, add the wet ingredients and bake. Ta-dah!Homemade goodness in half the time.(Yes, this scenario was a true story for me.)

I know many people who hate to cook and bake or who are just too busy. We are all so stressed with family, work, and other obligations that sometimes we just can't make a homemade soup for dinner or a batch of cookies to take to work or school for a birthday treat.

Gifts in a jar are a unique gift that you can personalize to anyone's taste.

I usually get a bunch of girl friends together and we all bring our own jars and enough ingredients for everyone, including ourselves, to make 2 jars of each cookie, soup, cake.... Whatever it is we decide to make.

From there we open a bottle of wine and go at it like an assembly line. It's a great girlfriend gabfest, and we come away with gift jars that are hard to give away. That's usually why we each make 2 of each gift in a jar so we have one to give and one to keep.

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