Gift Card Reindeer Add A Creative Spin To Gift Cards

What is a Gift Card Reindeer you ask? Ok, so I have heard that giving gift cards are a cop out for giving a real gift. But I mean come on, there are some people who just want gift cards for their favorite stores, restaurants or even gas station. My teenage family members always request a gift and gas card for Christmas. Which, hey I get it. But then I’m thinking, how can I at least put a little bit of a personal touch on this? The little envelopes that come with the gift cards are nice, but so plain. Here’s a really cute Gift Card Reindeer that will spruce up your gift card giving. 

Let's Make A Gift Card Reindeer

Supplies You Need: 

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black Marker
  • Glue Stick
  • Ruler
  • Tool or end of a paper clip for scoring fold lines
  • Pre-made brown envelopes or see the envelope pattern below to make your own. 
  • Dark Brown and Light Brown Paper
  • Red Paper
  • Blue or Green Paper
  • Black Paper
  • White Paper

To create your envelope:

1) Print the envelope template and carefully cut it out with a scissors. 

2) With a pencil, lightly trace around the template onto the brown paper.

3) Carefully cut out the pattern on the brown paper. (If you plan on making more than one envelope I usually stack 2 or 3 sheets of paper together and I cut them all at one time.) 

4) Score the fold lines using a ruler and a scoring tool. I've also used the end of a paperclip to score the lines.

5) Fold on the sides where the pattern shows you. Follow the fold numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.

6) Using a glue stick, add a line of glue on the side tabs. then press the side tabs onto the bottom tab to seal and create the bottom of the envelope. 

You now have a completed envelope. Let's get to changing a plain envelope into a gift card reindeer. 

1) Using the dark brown paper fold the paper in half. Using a pencil, draw an antler. Keeping the paper folded cut out the antler shape so that you get two of them. Glue them to the back (front) of the envelope. 

2) Fold a small piece of the white paper in half. Draw a small circle and cut it out while the paper is folded to get two eye balls. Glue onto the flap of the envelope

3) Do the same with the green or blue paper. Make the blue or green circles smaller than the white for the iris of the eyes. Glue the colored circles inside the white eyes.  

4) Once again fold a small piece of black paper for the pupils of the eyes. Draw small circles (Smaller than the iris color) cut out, and glue inside of the colored iris part of the eye. 

5) Cut a small red circle from the red construction paper for the nose. Glue it below the eyes.

6) Use a marker to draw a smile on your reindeer. 

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