Gifts done by glue and lots of GLUE.

by Theodore Politopoulos
(Tarpon Springs,Fl. U.S.A.)

You can make a colage with many magazines that have piled up or newspapers.Personally I love using magazines and a big posterboard to hang on a wall.Before you start or while finding interesting ways to word combinations making it for someone else you can have fun with there personality type.All you need for this progect is scisors Glue and Magazines.

Another project would be using popscicle sticks to make pencil and marker holders .Glue popcicle sticks in a square and put in side a cleaned and cut to size yogurt cup to sturdy the pen holder.Then you can paint the outside or keep the wood finish.

Supplies needed:
Popsicle Sticks ,Glue and Empty yogurt cup the large kind.Paint opptional.

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