Don't forget to celebrate with your furry friends and familiy members. Gifts for pets are just as important as gifts for people!

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Morning Coffee With Cats
Jamie Edwards

Looking for ideas to make gifts for pets?

We make and give gifts to people all the time, but what about giving our furry, feathered and finned friends presents? For many of us our pets are like family to us. They give us unconditional love and joy. They all have their own personalities and sometimes even look like us. Where would we be without our animals?

To reward them for being so loyal and loving we give them our love of course, along with toys and treats. But all those store bought toys and treats can get expensive. So instead of buying your pet something special, spoil them with some inexpensive homemade presents and treats they’ll love.

For dogs and cats there are numerous treat recipes that you can find. Make a batch or two of homemade treats. Try to use nutritious ingredients that are also good for your pet. If you shouldn't eat it, your pet probably shouldn't either!

Dog Treat Recipes

More dog treats recipes!

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