Try making this homemade artful glass vase for decorative and creative flower arrangement gifts.

Artful glass vase supplies needed:

* 1 empty glass bottle washed and dried.

* Sheets of colored tissue paper. (I suggest picking Mom's favorite colors!)

* White craft glue ( I use Elmers GLUE ALL)

* Water

* Paper cup

* scissors

* Paintbrush

* 1 can of clear spray paint

* Mom's favorite flowers

Homemade artistic glass vase instructions

1) Remove the label from 1 empty glass bottle. I used a scrubber to get the label glue off of the bottle. I also removed a small amount of black ink that was on the bottle as well.

2) Cut out several pieces of the tissue paper into 1” squares. You don’t have to be specific as you can cut the squares as you go. The squares by no means have to be perfect either. You could also choose to cut circles, triangles, hearts, whatever shape you like.

3) Pour about 1/3 cup of craft glue into a paper cup and thin slightly with a small amount of water (1 to 2 teaspoons).

4) With a small paintbrush, apply a thin, 1 by 1 inch layer of the glue mixture to the outside of the bottle.

5) Lay one of the tissue paper pieces on top of the glue.

6) Continue gluing and applying the colored tissue around the bottle until it is completely covered. If necessary, apply some glue over the tissue to smooth out any bumps or bubbles.

7) Your vase will be dry when it is no longer sticky to the touch (this may take a day or two).

8) If you want a shiny, waterproof finish, spray the dry vase with clear spray paint.

9)Now, fill the vase with some water and fill it with Mom's favorite flowers.

There you have it, an awesome homemade mother's Day gift!

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