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Stephen St. John

1,000s of Halloween Costumes

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I think I always have. It definitely ranks as one of my favorite holidays. In our neighborhood, every year the husbands take the kids out trick or treating while the women stay home and hand out the treats. We gather at one neighbor's house to hand out candy. It's a great time for every Mom to catch up on what has been going on in our families. We also get food ready for the kids and the guys when they get home. We usually start a bon fire not only to help us stay warm but to also roast hot dogs and marshmallows. We also make sure to have plenty of chili and chicken soup on hand as well. Of course we also have our favorite beverages on hand for the kids as well as the adult. We turn our Halloween night into a neighborhood party. It's so much fun!

My friends Jennifer and Cynthia have some great Halloween party ideas to make your party a huge success!

The holiday of Halloween is filled with lots of creative homemade activities. Homemade Halloween gift ideas are just the thing to bring to a spooky Halloween gathering. Parents are helping to create homemade Halloween costumes weeks before trick or treating. Homes are decorated with spooky Halloween decorations just in time for costume parties and apple bobbing. There is plenty of creative pumpkin carving going on. Who knew that a plain old pumpkin could be turned into artistic jack o lanterns?

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Jack o lantern carving instructions

Use Cookie cutters to carve pumpkins!

Crafty Halloween Gift Ideas and Instructions:

Toilet paper pumpkin

Pumkin Votive Cups

No tricks just Halloween treats!

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Try taking a paper grocery bag with handles and decorating your own bag for trick or treating. Make it all your own so no one will wonder who's delicious bag of candy it is.

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Jamie Edwards

My friend Maria has a great Halloween craft website with a bunch of great ideas.

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