Homemade Window Clings Can Be Made For Any Season or Holiday to Decorate your home or even car windows!

Homemade window clings are easier to make than what you might think. I was thinking the other day about how to decorate the window of the door that enters into my classroom. The gel window clings are really pretty, but sometimes are little more than what I would like to spend. So I started thinking about possibly making my own window clings. I had some glittered fabric paint and thought I would play around with it to see what I should do. Its winter and snowflakes sounded like the perfect design to make with this paint.

Customized Window Cling Supplies Needed:

Paper and pencil

snowflake pattern

Cookie sheet

Waxed paper

Dimensional fabric paint (I used Scribbles brand Glittering Crystal paint)

Window Clings Instructions:

1)Draw a snowflake template (small, compact designs work best. They won't tear as easily).

2)Lay the template face up on the cookie sheet and cover it with the waxed paper.

3) Using a thin line of the fabric paint (approximately 1/8-inch wide), trace the snowflake design on the waxed paper, making sure all of the paint lines connect. Let the window cling dry overnight, then carefully peel it from the waxed paper.

4)Place the flat side of the homemade window cling onto the glass.

Congratulations! You have just made your own custom window decals! Try some for any holiday!

Fun Tools to Try

I just bought a Cricut cutter and am having a lot of fun finding out what it can do. You can also make window clings using this cutter!

It used vinyl adhesive to make to clings. There are a ton of different types of cartiges you can buy to cut whatever you want!

Haunted Scene Large Gel Cling 15ct

Kleertemp Rv Window Thermometer

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