Thank your teacher for spicing up your learning with this indoor herb garden.

Teachers add spice to their classrooms eveyday! Indoor herb gardens help teachers to spice up their kitchens.

Indoor herb garden supplies:

1 large Folgers plastic coffee can

Construction paper assorted colors

Paper punch


Glue stick


Polycrylic Sealer

Paint brush

Permanent marker

Herb plants of choice (I used rosemary, tyme, and parsley)

Potting soil

Herb Garden Instructions

1) Cut 3 rectangles of construction paper large enough to cover the printing on the can.(I curved my edges, but you can certainly leave them straight if you wish!)

2)Paper punch different colors of construction paper to get as many little circles as you like.

3) Glue those circles onto the rectangles with a glue stick in whatever way you wish.

the plants.

4) Use a permentant marker to print "Thank You For Spicing Up My Learning." or "You Add Spice To Our Class!"

5)Use a paint brush to apply Polycrylic sealer to the back of the rectangles and apply them to the can to cover the printing on the plactic. TIP Do one rectangle at a time. After placing the rectangle on the can use a credit card to smooth out the paper and get all of th air bubbles out from under the paper.

6)Paint a layer of Polycrylic over the top of all of the rectangles and the permentant marker to seal.

7)Let dry 24 hours.

8)Place some potting soil in the bottom of the coffee can.

9) Unpot herb plants and arrange them how you would like in the can. Add more potting soil to the can so that the plant roots are covered.

10) Make sure to have little markers telling your teacher what kind of herbs you used in the pot with
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