Is your mom a clean freak? This is for her!

by Lewis

For the cleaning obsessed mom or wife, this idea is perfect. You can vary it greatly, but just as a thought, here's what I came up with:

*Homemade furniture polish
*Cloth (knitted, etc.)
*Recyled duster, etc.
*Vinegar and water, mop (see URL)
*A bucket to put it in!
*Anything your mom likes...

For the furniture polish, which I have tried and it works wonderfully, all you will need is a spray bottle, olive oil, water, and some lemon juice. Add about 4 tbs. of lemon juice (I use a little bit more to give it a stronger scent), 3 tbs. water, and two teaspoons of olive oil, and shake. This actually makes very little, so you can double or triple it no problem. Like I said, works great!

The cloth thing... I don't know how to knit or anything with string. If you do know how, it would add a cute and personalized touch and a rag to dust with.

Recycled duster could be an old duster, or some creative thing you come up with. I really don't know. If you do want to buy a new one, though, buy one from FlyLady. Those are amazing!!

Vinegar is a key ingredient for cleaning. Water is too. You can label it with a humorous note...

Finally, a bucket would be a cute and helpful thing to top off your wonderfully customized homemade gift! And if your mom isn't totally into cleaning, you may want to steer clear off this... She might take it wrong!

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