So many decorations, so little time! These kids clogs anr as fun to make as they are to wear!

Kids clogs supplies needed:

1 pair of clog type shoes with holes in the top ( I used the airwalk brand clogs for these. But Crocs would work fine too.)

fringed ribbon of choice

buttons with a loop back that will fit OVER

Welbond glue

* Weldbond glue can be found at hardware stores. It is made for indoor as well as outdoor use. It is so nice and durable to use for these shoes. It also dries very clear. Clog instructions:

1) Apply Weldbond glue to the back of each button.Place the button so the loop of the button goes into the hole. Repeat for each button you want to put on the clog.

2) Let dry 24 hours.

3) Put a line of glue across the moveable strap. Place the ribbon fringe over the glue. Make sure to press it down so the ribbon is flat.

4)Let dry.

5) Wait for people to make many ooohhhh's and aaahhh's and ask you where you bought those cool shoes!

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