Watch Out Messy Utensil Drawer! Check out this easy to make kitchen utensils holder.

This handy kitchen utensils holder stylishly keeps stovetop cooking utensils right at your fingertips. It looks complicated to make, but it really isn't. I've done all the design work for you!

This simple cylinder offers creative and attractive storage on a kitchen counter or stove top. Plus you get to brag that you painted it yourself!

Kitchen utensils holder supplies needed :

* A tin can. (You can use whatever size you like depending on the amount and size of the utensils you would like your utensil caddy to hold. I used an restaurant sized fruit can.)

* pencil

*permanent black marker

* small paint brushes

* craft acrylic paints (The colors I used were white,peachy flesh tone,brown, green,black,medium blue,red)

* spray paint (I used a tan, but you can choose whatever color will look best in the kitchen where the utensil holder will be placed.)

* dimensional craft paint

* clear coat spray paint

* tracing paper

* tape

Kitchen holder instructions:

1) Wash and dry tin can.

2)Spray paint the can whatever you would like the background color of the can to be. I used tan. Let the paint dry thoroughly!

3)Print off chef template and enlarge to whatever size you need.

4)Use tracing paper and trace chef onto the side of the can.

TIP: If you do not have tracing paper simply shade the back of the paper the chef design is on with a pencil and make your own tracing paper. Tape the paper to the can and start tracing over the lines.

5)Tape design and tracing paper to the side of the can and trace chef designs with a pen. (this gets a little difficult because of the ripples on the can, but take your time and you will do fine. If you make a mistake don't worry about it! This is why erasers were invented!)

6) After you have the outline of the chef on the can, use you permanent marcher to retrace over the line. Be careful because the marker won't erase, BUT you can paint over it later if you need to.

7) Start by painting the white for the chef's outfit and hat.

8) While this white is drying start painting the chef.(Remember, you can choose whatever acrylic paint color for the skin tone you like.) Paint around the eyes and mouth.

9) Paint the hair, eye brows and mustache. (Again, choose whatever hair color you would like for your chef.)

10) Paint eyes and mouth.

11) Paint the chef's handkerchief around his neck. (I chose blue, but whatever color you like, go for it!)

12) Paint the chef's spoon. I used a little yellow and brown.

13) Look to see if any areas need another coat of paint. (I needed 2 coats of paint for my white and peach colors.)Let all paint dry throughly.

14) Go back and retrace any areas you painted over the black permanent marker. This is also the time I added polka dots with dimensional paint to my chef's scarf.

15) Let all paint dry for 24 hours.

16) Finish the kitchen utensils holder by spraying it with clear coat spray paint. Give it at least 2 to 3 coats of the clear paint. This protects your painting and makes it easy to wipe off when it gets dirty.

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