Make A Wreath To Celebrate The Holiday Season.

You can make a wreath to decorate your or someone else's house for the season. I made this wreath for my best friend. She is someone who is bold and bright and I wanted to make her a wreath that matched who she is so I chose some colors that aren't always considered Christmas like bright pink and purple, but they definitely match her personality and style.

Supplies Needed To Make A Wreath:

Artificial Wreath (I had lights already on mine when I purchased it)

Christmas lights if you want your wreath to light up

Plastic or Glass Ornaments of your choice ( I used plastic so there would be less chances of breaking the ornaments.)

Floral Wire

Wire Cutter

How To Put Your Wreath Together

1) Cut a length of wire that will be long enough to string through the anoint of ornaments you want to put on your wreath in one place and be able to twist the wire to secure it to the wreath frame.

2) String your ornaments onto the wire so they are in the middle of the wire. I used 1 large and a small ornament on each side of the large ornament.

3) Put the ends of the wire to the back of the wreath and twist the wire tight onto the wreath frame.

4) Repeat the first three steps as many times as you you like.

5) I thin added 3 smaller sized ball ornaments together between each of the large ornaments combinations.

6) If the wreath doesn't have a hanger you can make a loop type hanger on the back of the wreath frame.

And there you have it! I beautiful wreath that can be hung on a wall or door.

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