Mosaic stepping stones make showing Mom that you love her to pieces easy!

Mosaic stepping stones made easy!

I think mosaic projects are so beautiful. They have a unique look that is all their own. I really get into a relaxed state of mind when I create one.

Mosaic stepping stones are easy to make. They are super fun and very addicting! Once you make one for someone, you will probably find yourself making more. The great thing about this project is that you don't have to be a mosaic artist to create one. Its so simple kids can make them!

To make a mosaic you can use a number of items to press into the cement. You can use pebbles to make a simple pebble mosaic. You can use the traditional stained glass and ceramic tile. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back!
Supplies needed for mosaic stepping stones:

Plastic form or shallow cardboard box (Doesn’t need to be a regular mosaic form, but it does need to be plastic, like an old Rubbermaid or Tupperware container.) Don't use with food again once you use it for a mosaic.

Pieces of stained glass, stones, glass bobbles, broken ceramic tile, marbles, broken dinnerware, beads, anything you would like to press into the cement.

Regular cement

Thinner patch type cement



Stick for stirring cement

Rubber gloves

Mosaic stepping stone instructions:

1) Mix up the heavier quick set cement according to package directions. This type of cement has bigger stones in it. It adds strength to the stepping stone so it doesn't break as easily.

2) Pour about 2 inches of this type of cement into the stepping stone form you are using.

3) Mix up the patching quick set cement according to package directions. This type of cement doesn’t have a lot of large stones in it. It's very easy to work with.

4) Pour an inch of the patching cement on top of the regular cement.

5) Start pressing glass pieces, tile marbles, etc. into the wet cement. You do have a little time before this sets up so don't feel too rushed.

6) Tap the form on the ground or on a tabletop to get all of the air bubbles out of the cement.

7) Let the stepping stone set and cure for 24 hours before releasing it from the mold.

Tip I know it's hard to let it sit that long, I have a hard time doing that too. But if you don't it will break. Trust me on this one... wink wink!

Other ideas Foot prints and hand prints always melt Mom's heart! As you can see above I added my daughter's foot print and her name to the stepping stone with Patio Paint that you can get at any craft store in the acrylic paint section.

Safety First!

As always, when working with broken glass, make sure you use the utmost care as to not cut or injure yourself!

If you need to break glass or tile always do it in an area that is not where food is prepared. I like to take an empty cardbaord box and break up glass and tile with a hammer inside the box. That way shards of glass don't go flying everywhere.
An awesome book I found that has excellent ideas for mosaic projects is: I love the little foot prints they show you how to make in this book. I made a bunch and put them in my garden so it looked like someone went walking through it. SOOOO CUTE!

This book gives you step by step instructions as well as patterns for a bunch of different mosaic stepping stone ideas. Highly recommned it!

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