A bug you won't want to squish! Try making this painted ladybug rock.

This painted ladybug rock is a pet that never needs to be fed, watered or walked! These pets are a lot of fun to make and give as homemade gifts. They can be put in a garden or a potted plant. You could even use them as a paperweight on your desk. The best part is that they won't crawl away or get SQUISHED!

Hand painted ladybug rock supplies:

1 medium, flat sided rock

Acrylic patio paint (Made special for outdoor projects) colors red, white, and black. You will also want to pick an iris color for the ladybug’s eyes.

Medium paint brush

Small paintbrush

Cotton swab

Clear spray paint

Painted ladybug Instructions:

1)Wash any dirt off of the rock and let it dry.

2)Paint the whole rock with just the red. (Don't worry about spots and details right now. That will all come later.) Let the rock dry.

3)Paint the head and the wing line with the black paint. Use the small brush to do this. (If you need to, you can draw the lines you want to paint with pencil first. That way if you make a mistake you can erase it.)

4)For the pet ladybug rock's spots dip the cotton swab in the black paint and dab the Q-tip where ever you would like to place a spot.

5)Let all the black paint dry.

6)You can paint the ladybug's eyeballs however you like. Make them silly. I added eye lids to mine. Paint the iris (colored part of the eye) and the pupil (the black spot in the eye) with a small paint brush.

7)For extra durability and weather proofing, Spray clear spray paint over the whole rock pet.
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