This hand painted snowman plate is snow much fun!

This glass painted snowman plate is an easy homemade gift that anyone would love to receive. It might even be hard to give away. You may want to make two so that you have one to keep!

Painted Snowman Plate Supplies:

Clear glass plate

PermEnamel Air-dry glass conditioner

PermEnamel Air-dry paint colors: White, Black, Brown, Orange, Navy blue, Egg plant and Beyond turquoise

Thin paint brush for details

Medium soft bristle paint brush

Medium stiff bristle paint brush

Air-dry PermEnamel Clear Gloss Glaze

Snowman Plate Painting Instructions:

1) Wash and dry back of glass plate. Print off snowman pattern from above. You will need to enlarge the pattern to the size you need depending on the type of the plate you want to paint.

2) Use PermEnamel glass conditioner. Follow directions found on the container label.

Remember we are working backwards because it’s the back of the plate. Make sure if you paint words you right them backwards!

3)Place the snowman pattern on the plate face down. Flip the plate over so that you are painitng on the back of the plate. You may want to use a little tape so the pattern doesn't move while you are painting.

4) Start with black for eyes, mouth and nose lines.

5) While black is drying you can go ahead and start painting the orange for the nose and the turquois and egg plant for the hat and scarf.

6) Let black and the other colors completely dry before going on. I gave mine 3 to 4 hours of drying time.

7) Paint the snowman with white. You can paint right over the other colors because it is dry. If enamel looks streaky, add another coat.

8)I flicked some of the white enamel with a tooth brush to make snow flakes. This step is optional. Let dry.

9) After all the other enamel is totally dry, paint your sky with the blue. I painted over all of the other enamel. Let dry COMPLETELY!

11) Use the PermEnamel Clear Gloss Glaze to cover back of plate. This will seal and protect your painting.

Follow all label instruction for the PermEnamel paint. Allow at least 10 days of drying time before plate is washed. Enamel is oven and dish washer safe.

Tip: I always follow the rule: Handmade means hand wash.

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