Homemade personalized refrigerator magnets make Dad chuckle everytime he goes to the fridge for a snack.

What better way to honor Dad than to make his likeness into one of these homemade personalized refrigerator magnets? These funny custom fridge magnets will make Dad chuckle every time he goes to the refrigerator for a snack.

Paper mache is not only fun to do; it’s economical as well. It’s a great way to recycle material! Papermache is very easy to do. All you need is some glue, newspaper, cardboard and tape to start off with.

Here are the supplies needed for making the Father’s Day paper mache Dad magnets.

Personalized refrigerator magnets supplies list:


Masking tape

Tissue paper for hair

Elmer’s Glue All or Paper mache paste


Container for mixing glue

Flesh colored acrylic paint

2 small google eyes

Hot glue gun with glue sticks



Red acrylic paint

Small and Medium paint brushes

Clear spray paint

Dad’s Day Personalized Refrigerator Magnets Instructions:

1) Ball up some newspaper to about the size of a large egg. Tape the newspaper in place so it doesn’t come apart. You do not need to wrap the newspaper in masking tape to make it stay. A few pieces of tape are usually plenty.

2) Add Dad’s nose by cutting a small rectangle of cardboard and folding it in half. Tape it in place where you would like your Dad’s nose to go.

3) Cut 2 small “D” shaped pieces of cardboard for Dad’s ears. Tape them on with very small pieces of tape.

4) Mix up your glue. If you are using paper mache paste follow package instructions. If you are using Elmer’s Glue All, mix with a little but of water so you get the consistency of milk.

5) Tear small pieces of newspaper to use for papermache. Tip Be careful not to use large pieces of newspaper. You will lose all of the details of the ears and nose if you just cover them. Make sure paper is wet and smoothed over the cardboard as to still see the ears and nose sticking up from the head.

6) Dip the small pieces of paper into the glue mixture. Take any excess glue off with your fingers. Cover all of the newspaper and tape with the paper mache.

7) Cover the head with at least 2 layers of paper mache. Let this dry for 48 hours.

8) Paint flesh tone with acrylic paint over the entire head. DO NOT worry about details yet. Just get the skin tone painted on first. Let dry.

9) Tear small pieces of tissue paper and apply to Dad’s head with more paper mache glue for hair.( Notice I made sure to include my husband’s bald spot. Don’t forget those kinds of details.)

10) Use a paintbrush to brush glue on one side of the tissue. Apply to the head and then brush more glue on top. Wrinkle the tissue to look like hair. If Dad has curly hair make it curly by making little rings or “S” shapes.

11) Use the same kind of tissue paper to make Dad’s eye brows.

12) Let glue dry for 24 hours.

13) Use the small paintbrush and the red acrylic paint to paint the mouth. Let Dry. I also added a little black line to separate the lips with a black Sharpie marker.

14) Spray the entire head with clear spray paint to protect your Dad magnet from getting handled. Give the head 2 or 3 good coats of clear spray paint.

15) Use the hot glue gun to glue on google eyes under the eye brows

When I think about making a gift or starting an art and craft type project I often just keep my eyes open for neat ideas. I just happen to come across this book a few years ago when I was doing an art and craft project with my kids at school. The book is titled: Papier-Mache for Kids

I thought this book had great information in it about doing paper mache. It was also easy for kids to understand and read. And hey, if a kid can read it I am thinking I should be able to understand it, right?

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