Have a drink on me! Look at these easy to follow powder drink mix holder to go around a waterbottle.

water bottle drink mix holder

This powder drink mix holder fits most water bottles. It's an easy gift to make as well as give. You can tell everyone,"This drink is on me!" Drink mix holder supplies needed:

Card stock - I used red, green and white. You can use any colors you like.

3 very small brads. I used 2 silver and 1 black. Once again you can use whatever colors you like.

Double sided tape



small hole punch

water bottle

powder drink mix packet


1) Trace and cut holder template. Notice there are dots where the holes need to be punched later.

2) Score and fold each end 2 inches from the bottom on each side. Do not secure with silver brads yet.

3)Trace and cut 2 large flower shapes.

4)Trace and cut one smaller flower shape.

5) Put flower shapes together in a staggered pattern put a piece of double sided tape in-between each flower shape.

6) Punch a hole through the center of the flower shapes. and insert brad through the hole.

7) Punch a hole in the middle of the bottom square of the red card stock.

8) Place flower shapes with black brad through the middle hole of the red card stock. Open back of brad to secure.

9) Fold up bottom red square and place silver brads in holes on each side. Open back of brads to secure.

10) Place drink mix packet in card stock pocket and place the holder over water bottle.

11) Write a little note that says, "Happy Holiday's, here's a drink on me."

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