Pumpkin votive cups are a cheap way to make candle holders for all of those autumn scented votive candles!

These pumpkin votive cups are so easy to make and just as easy to give as a gift. Add your favorite autumn scented votive candles and you have a super treat to give someone for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Votive Cup Supplies:

Round glass votive candle cups This is also a great way to recycle empty babyfood jars too!

Red, yellow and orange tissue paper

Sharpe permenant marker


Polycrylic sealant found at any hardware or home do it yourself store. Walmart also carries it.

Scented Votive Candle

Paint Brush

Votive Candle Holder Instructions:

1) Prepare your work area by covering it with newspaper.

2)Wash and dry your glass votive cup.

3)Tear tissue into smaller workable pieces. You can cut them into squares if you like, but I like the jagged edge of the torn paper myself.

4)Work in small areas at a time. Use your paintbrush to spread a small amount of Polycrylic directly onto the glass votive cup.

5)Place a piece of torn tissue over the Polycrylic sealant and paint more sealant over the top of the tissue.

6) Continue until the whole votive cup is cover on the outside with tissue. TIP Make sure the tissue is totally sealed with the Polycryilc. If the tissue is not sealed, it will tear and fall off the glass holder.

7)Let the sealant totally dry. It usually only takes a few hours.

8)Add your scented votive candle and you have a super great gift!

9)If you want to turn your votive pumpkin candle holder into a jack o lantern use a Sharpie Marker to add a face.

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