One man's trash is another man's recycled materials gifts!

Recycled materials gifts is enviormentally friendly gift giving. Used and left over supplies for gift making are easy to find and cheap to get. Sometimes even free! There is a store where I live that is FULL of home goods and building supplies that people didn't use and no longer want. It's my favorite place to go. I get ceramic tiles for mosaics. I find wood and lumber for all sorts of different projects. They carry all different colors of paint and varnish that have been partly used. I am thrifty! Ok, I'll admit it.... I am down right cheap. There, I said it. I'm not too proud!

This page is dedicated to all those people out there who are about going green and saving a few bucks in the process! Those people who like to reuse all sorts of supplies to make gifts and crafts. The trash to treasure folks.

Thrifty gift making and giving Is an excellent way to save money.

There are so many materials that can be reused! Plastic grocery bags can be used to make a very fashionable carry all saddle bag. Even the manliest man would like one of these!

Use tin cans from last night's dinner to create a great homemade gift!

Gift making and crafting is a ton of fun. But most importantly, recycling is for the future of my children and grandchildren. I have 3 small children. The more I can do for our planet and for them the better I feel.

Do you have a gift or craft idea you want to share? E mail me today!

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