All that glitters is glass! I'm here to show you how to make your very own sea glass wreath.

I love the look of the sea glass wreath. These tumbled glass pieces, also known as beach glass, have such character. There are so many different colors. Of course the most popular colors are the light blues and greens. So where does sea glass come from? It's usually debris from a glass object that ended up in the ocean, broke into pieces, and was smoothed by the action of waves and sand.

I saw one of these and just had to make one myself. Here's how you can too.

Glass Wreath Supplies:

Styrofoam Wreath: 12x1-1/4 White (You can certainly use any size you would like to.)

Beach Glass Pieces 3 - 1lb bags ( You may need less if you are making a smaller wreath)

(I like white because it blends in nicely)

Wire cutters

and Stanley GS20DT Dual Temperature 4-Inch Glue Sticks, 24-Pack

Weldbond Universal Glue

Glass Wreath Instructions

1) With the craft wire you will want to make a loop hanger and push the ends into the styrofoam wreath. Secure with a little hot glue.

2) Work in small areas on the wreath form and begin glueing the sea glass pieces to the wreath with the Weldbond glue. Make sure you apply the glue to a spot that touches flat to the wreath so there is a good bond.

3) Continue gluing the glass pieces to the form until the wreath is completely covered.

You did it!! See how easy that was?

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