Seashell bow wreath

by Rebecca Lightbody
(Deltona, FL)

Use seashells you have around the house to make this lovely seashell bow wreath.


A variety of seashells big and small
Big box or piece of cardboard 12x12 inches
Black marker
Utility knife
Pan lids one big and one small
6-10 Glue sticks
Glue gun
Two and a half feet of off white grosgrain ribbon


Start by cutting the cardboard. Place the large pan lid on the cardboard and draw a circle around it with the marker. Then take the small pan lid and put it inside the bigger circle you just drew. Trace around the small lid.

Cut the cardboard. Take the utility knife and cut around the big circle. Then cut inside the small circle. Take the scissors and clean up the lines so the circles are round.

Organize your shells and glue them onto the cardboard wreath. Heat up your hot glue gun. Use bigger shells as focal points and hot glue them on. Layer shells on top to add dimension. Use small shells as fillers for empty spaces.

Tie and secure the ribbon. Take the grosgrain ribbon and loop it around the wreath. Allow ten inches before you tie a big bow. Tie the bow. Turn the wreath over gently taking care not to disturb the placement of the bow. Hot glue the ribbon to the back of the wreath to secure it. Hot glue the back of the ribbon to lock it tightly in place.

The beautiful seashell bow is finished.

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