Does your Dad like munchies? Try making him this yummy snack basket for Father's Day.

Food gifts are always a slam dunk! Who doesn't like to eat? This fun snack basket of munchies is the perfect gift to make dear ole Dad smile on Father's Day.

Supplies needed for Father's Day basket of munchies:

microwave popcorn

chex mix

bag of chips (Your Dad's favorite kind are recommended)

m&m candies

can of mixed nuts

beef jerky

Dad's brand rootbeer

cheese and crackers

basket or bucket

celophane bag or shrink wrap

ribbon or bow.

Assemble all of the snacks in the basket or bucket. Put heavier items toward the bottom so snacks don't get squished.Place basket or bucket at the bottom of the celophane bag. Pull the bag around the basket and the tie ribbon around the top.

Make a card and attach it to the ribbon. You may also use the poem I have below. Enlarge the image, sign it, and attach it to the basket.

This basket isn't filled with healthy snacks or diet foods,but these treats will make your Dad's tummy happy. The perfect gift that your Dad will enjoy! I bet if you ask him nicely, he might even share with you.

Why we love our Dad

We love you because you're our Pops!

We are just chips off the old block.

We M's what we M's because of you!

We'd love you even if you were a little jerky.

Cheese you keep crackering us up.

Thanks for always Chexing on us.

We're sorry is we drive you a little nutty from time to time.

Most of all we love you because you are our Dad!

Happy Father's Day!


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