Snowman Cookies That Won't Melt Anywhere Else But In Your Mouth.

These snowman cookies are so much fun! These YUMMY cookies will melt in your mouth. Of course that's what snowmen are supposed to do. This isn't just your run of the mill baking recipe. Now you can build a snowman anywhere at anytime!

Your first step is to bake your cut out cookies. Click HERE for the BEST HOMEMADE CUT OUT COOKIES RECIPE EVER! follow the directions in the recipe to make your dough.

The next step is rolling out the dough and cutting it. I roll my dough about 1/8" thick. If you roll it too thin it will burn. If you roll it too thick it will take longer to bake and just doesn't get finished enough in the middle.

I had 1 larger circle cookie cutter and a middle sized cookie cutter. For the smaller circle for the head I used a shot glass and cut around it with a sharp knife.

Make sure to flour your cookie sheet with flour. I find when I don't the cookies stick and break. Of course they never go to waste because everyone loves nibbling on the broken cookies!

Bake cookies according to recipe directions.

To Decorate:

To frost the cookies I used royal icing. To color the frosting I used gel food coloring. When adding color to the frosting I suggest you add it slowly as the gel food coloring is pretty powerful and gets dark pretty quickly.

Food colors needed:RedBlackGreen (Or mix yellow and blue)Orange (Or mix red and yellow together)

Other DecorationsChocolate chips for buttons

When frosting your cookies use the royal icing a little thicker and place in a piping bag to outline your cookies. Then "flood" your cookies. To do this you slightly water down your frosting so it moves easily within your outlined cookie. Fill in each outlined area with the color of frosting desired.

Cookies dry relatively quickly. Once they are completely dry the cookies can be stack and you are ready to build your snowman.

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