Special Box

by Rebecca Diaz
(Chicago, Il, USA)

When coming to a Homemade Present... You want to make it as neat as possible. You also want the person to love her\his gift... Here is how to make a AMAZING gift called the special Box! Lets get started...

1. take a old Shoe Box and wrap it in foil, Wrapping paper, or paper. Make sure the whole box is covered.

2. Decorate the box with ribbons, bows, stickers, glitter, ETC.

3. Inside of the box put memories in it... (you are giving this box to _____________. So maybe put old photos of you and that person, or a card you want to give to that person, You can also make homemade cookies and wrap it in Foil. You can put anything in it, that you think that person will like.

-Rebecca Diaz

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