This freezer paper stenciled t shirt is so easy even a kid can make them!

Freezer paper stenciled t shirts are really a lot fun to make. These (with just a little help from an adult) can be made with children. I made these as an activity for my 8 year old son's birthday party. All the guests made a t shirt that they got to take home after the party. They loved it and it was something that they get to wear over and over again!

These DIY customized t shirts look very professional and cost very little because the stencil is made out of freezer paper. These painted t shirts can be personalized without one cut of an Exacto blade! The options are endless for designs!

Always remember not to use copywriter designs and characters!

Supplies Needed:

Freezer Paper


Exacto knife or Razor Blade

Design of Choice

T Shirt or Fabric

Acrylic or Fabric Paint

Card Board

Paint Brush
How To Stencil Your T Shirt

Find or draw the design you would like to use on your t shirt or fabric and trace it onto the NON SHINY side of the freezer paper

2) Cut out your design using an Exacto Knife or blade. Remember, your stencil needs to stay together so you need to make sure there are parts still attached to the main piece of freezer paper.

3) Iron the stencil onto the t shirt , shiny side down, where you would like the design to go. Make sure your fabric is kept flat and doesn’t wrinkle when putting the stencil on.

4) Place a piece of cardboard inside the t shirt so the paint doesn’t soak through the fabric while you are painting.

5) Use your paint brush to bounce color onto the “negative” (Holes cut out) areas of the stencil. Let paint totally dry.

6) Peel stencil off of t shirt. You may go back into the stencil and add things such as glow in the dark paint to accent your design.

To wash, You may want to turn your t shirt inside out to protect your painted image.

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